• Members: Isaac Cotec
  • HomeTown: Seattle, United States

The fluid movements in a sea of fusion is the heart of Subaqueous music. By blending future past and eclectic rhythms Subaqueous moves the listeners through a sonic epic.

The Debut album, Waterscapes, is a playful splash that stayed on the top Midtempo charts. It was #1 on for 3 months straight. Subaqueous Second album which released in 2012, Immerge, which moved audiences into the divine. It quickly gained traction and made his work international. Subaqueous’ love of music extends beyond just music, his commitment is to music that raises consciousness; for this reason in the Fall 2012 he worked with the nonprofit Critical Beats to fundraise money to save the Amazon. Together they created the EP, “Threshold of Night.” Critical Beats is a not for profit that uses any resources from music sales to help with important projects with the Amazon. In this way the music not only help a message of self discovery and contemplation, but also a deeply physical message of helping stop the destruction of the amazon.

In the summer of 2013 subaqueous last album was a culmination of all his connections and years of dedication. The Album, ReVision, featured remixes by fellow musicians with the same deep love of ecstatic dance and lush music. It featured artist such as Govinda, eO, Erothyme, futexture, and others.

About Isaac Cotec:

Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous, started making electronic based music in the summer of 2005 working with a project called Psyche Sonics. Psyche Sonics is an experimental group working with binaural beats and altering consciousness through sounds. The Project traveled in a large yurt that moved around the PNW on tour as a musical Art installation. It was featured in such festivals as Beloved, Emerg+n+see, Oracle Gatherings, and others.

After touring with his experimental and ambient based project Isaac Cotec continued to make music and grow as a musician. As of March 12th 2011 the unique character and sound of Subaqueous was born.